Taylor Swift mania gives boost to South Bay economy

With Taylor Swift preparing for her highly-anticipated two-night concert at Levi's Stadium, the South Bay is experiencing a wave of "Swift mania," bringing a positive financial impact to local businesses.

"The Taylor Swift effect, it's even bigger than I anticipated," shared Christine Lawson, CEO of Discover Santa Clara, reflecting the significant buzz and excitement generated by the popstar's upcoming performances.

Local hotels have embraced the enthusiasm, with some hosting tailgate parties and others already booked to full capacity as they cater fans.


Calling all Swifties! Here's how to get to and from Taylor Swift's show at Levi's Stadium

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift is bringing her legendary Eras Tour to Santa Clara's Levi's Stadium on July 28 and 29. 

"We've never been to any of her concerts before, so it's kind of like getting a piece of each era in one night," expressed two Swifties, excitedly looking forward to their first experience of the "Cruel Summer" songstress's live performance

Lawson said that hotel occupancy in Santa Clara has nearly reached 100%, a notable feat especially during a time when July and weekends typically see slower tourism activity in the area.

"July and the weekends, in particular, are slow in Santa Clara. They’re not our peak times of the year. So this has a great financial impact for us, from an economic standpoint, just to have the hotels full. Everyone will be going to the restaurants," she emphasized, highlighting the ripple effect of the influx of Swifties on various local businesses.

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Experts in strategic management, like Dr. Robert Chapman Wood from San Jose State University, pointed out that hosting big-ticket events like The Eras Tour, leads to a rise in economic activity for municipalities.

"It’s a kind of tourism, and tourism is a good solid industry for lots of parts of the world. In Silicon Valley where there isn’t a lot of summer tourism and a lot of stuff going on for the hotels in the middle of the summer, it’s particularly helpful. And it’s particularly helpful where we’re coming off the pandemic," said Wood.

As Taylor Swift takes the stage at Levi's Stadium on Friday and Saturday, her shows are set to not only captivate the crowds but also contribute to the collective financial well-being of businesses in the South Bay.