Thieves drag stolen ATM down a road in Oakland, police make 1 arrest

We've seen examples of extreme measures when it comes to criminals stealing ATMs, but we may not have seen actual video of an ATM tied to a van being dragged down the road, until now. 

Video of the theft in progress was shared on social media. The Oakland Police Department on Tuesday said they are investigating two cases of stolen ATMs. 

The theft of one of them is captured on video, which appears to show the machine being dragged down Hegenberger Road, not far from the soon-to-close In-N-Out that has caused public outcry. 

Police confirm this ATM was stolen from the exterior of the Bank of America at 300 Hegenberger Rd. just before 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. 

The man who recorded the video did not give his name, but said he saw about three or four people involved. 

"We just seen guys just yanking on the ATM and that's when we started recording and they just tied the machine up and just started going down Hegenberger, just west of Hegenberger going toward the airport." 

By the time police arrived, they saw the damage from where the thieves removed the ATM using tools. 

Police said a second ATM was stolen about an hour earlier from another nearby business. One of the ATMs was recovered near the Home Depot on 37th Avenue, near Interstate 880. 

Anthony Pearson was taken into custody in connection to the stolen Bank of America ATM that same day, but police said they believe there are additional suspects. 

Pearson has been charged by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, according to police. 


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