2 dogs killed by coyotes in a week in San Francisco park

Local wildlife officials are urging pet owners to take precautions after two small pets were killed by coyotes in one week in a San Francisco park. 

A small Pomeranian mix dog was only off-leash for a moment when a coyote snatched the dog at Corona Heights Park and killed it, Steve Boullianne, the pet owner, told the San Francisco Chronicle

Another small dog was killed on the other side of the park five days later, according to the Chronicle. The dog was only off-leash to pee while the pet owners were nearby. 

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Some trails at Corona Heights Park are closed due to "unconfirmed reports of a possible coyote den" in the area on April 21, Daniel Montes, a spokesperson for San Francisco Recreation and Parks, told the Chronicle. 

There are usually 3-5 reported coyote attacks on dogs each year in San Francisco.