UC regents to vote on tuition decrease

Some good news for University of California college students. 

For the first time in nearly 20 years, they might get a break in their tuition. 

The board of regents is expected to vote Thursday on a spending plan for the upcoming school year at their regular meeting at  UCSF’s Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. 

The proposed decrease is $60 for the academic term, the LA Times reported. 

That might not sound like a lot. But for students who have been fighting for tuition decreases -- it's more than just that number. 

Students, alumni, some staff members and regents have been pushing the state and Gov. Jerry Brown to help with the costs  and give more to the UC’s in state funding. 

That finally happened.

Brown, along with state lawmakers, agreed to increase funding by roughly $347 million. What that means is not only could they eliminate this $60, which had been a surcharge to help pay for legal bills.

Tuition and fees for an in-state student would still total $12,570 for an academic year. 

That state funding is not something that will continue. A lot of that money was a one-time thing.