UCSF infectious disease doctor disagrees with Biden that pandemic is over

President Joe Biden has created controversy by telling CBS' ‘60 Minutes’ that the COVID pandemic is over. 

Organizations from the Washington Post's editorial board to UCSF infectious disease Dr. Peter Chin-Hong are taking issue with his Sunday remarks. 

"I don't agree unfortunately with President Biden," Chin-Hong told KTVU on Tuesday. "I wish it were so. The reality is, there is still disease around. We're in a lull right now in the Bay Area."

But Chin-Hong said an increase in cases is expected in the next few months. 

To be fair, in his interview, Biden acknowledged the United States still has a "problem" with the virus that has killed more than 1 million Americans.

Chin-Hong added that as long as there are unvaccinated people in the world, there's a chance of a variant being created. 

And Chin-Hong isn't alone.

Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute, accused the president on Twitter of "magical thinking" and perhaps having too much confidence in the new bivalent boosters.

Others noted that with more than 400 deaths from COVID every day on average, the United States is experiencing more deaths every week, hardly a sign that the pandemic is fully contained.