Vallejo: Woman, 8-year-old girl found shot in car; nearby church riddled with bullets

A woman and an 8-year-old girl were shot and wounded while driving in Vallejo, police said Thursday.

The woman was driving with her family in a Nissan Rogue when they came under fire on Sonoma Boulevard near Chestnut Street just before 10:45 p.m. Wednesday. 

The 30-year-old woman was shot numerous times and was reported to be in critical condition. The girl was shot in the shin and foot and was recovering, authorities said.

KTVU has learned that the woman and girl were apparently innocent victims caught in the latest in a spree of retaliatory gang shootings in Vallejo.

Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams told KTVU the motive for the shooting had not officially been confirmed but that the violence was unacceptable.

The chief said, "It's gut-wrenching, to hear her crying for help, because she's been shot," Williams said of the girl.

"We should all be outraged," the chief said. "I'm a father. When you have an 8-year-old victim that's a victim of gun violence, it's a tragedy."

Marco Sandoval was at home when he heard the gunfire.

"It sounded like automatic fire, and slower detonations that were sounded like small, I mean louder caliber," Sandoval.

There were about 20 to 30 shots, according to police and witnesses. The side of a church was riddled with bullet holes, some smaller, as from a rifle, the others, much larger.

Sandoval said Vallejo police told him his surveillance camera captured footage of a black Dodge that was involved in the shooting.

The victims' Nissan came to a stop in a field next to the church, where police had to force their way into the SUV, telling the woman to keep breathing.    

"This is a senseless act of violence," the chief said. "We don't know what the motive is. It's currently an active investigation. Detectives are trying to determine the motive," Williams said.

Investigators are casting a wide net as they tried to find those responsible.

"This is an open investigation, so we don't rule out anything," Williams said.

Vallejo resident Dariyan Gaddis, out for a walk with her family, said she's rattled.

"It's scary. You never know what's going to happen, you know," Gaddis said. "But you have to try to protect your little ones, ourselves and just keep to yourself."