Fans headed to Boston treated to Warriors pep rally ahead of Game 6

The Dubs are just one win away from an NBA Championship.

Game 6 is set for Thursday night in Celtics territory and fans on their way to Boston were treated to a pep rally at San Francisco International Airport rooting on Dub Nation.

Golden State took the momentum from Monday night's win at Chase Center to Terminal 3 at San Francisco International Airport on Thursday.

There were dancers and music before Untied flight 2652 departed for Boston. The airline said they wanted to send fans back east with a little Dub power.

Tom Cieszynski and his family were traveling to Massachusetts for his in-laws' 50th anniversary. He said the stars aligned just perfectly, and now he's going to a game that could be history in the making.

"It's kind of funny, I bought my ticket a week ago and they were sky high, after the Warriors won all of a sudden Boston fans aren't so eager to go to Game 6, it looks like., tickets are a little cheaper," said Cieszynski.

Though another traveler who is born and raised in Boston wasn't enthusiastic about the impromptu pep rally at the airport, just as he was headed home.

"Yeah, we're sitting outside a Boston gate right now and we have dancers for the Warriors," said Brendan O'Neil. "I don't know what this is, I thought we were going back home."

O'Neil has high hopes for the Celtics taking on the Dubs in TD Gardens, he's predicting Celtics in 7.

"The Dubs are strong but this year it's the Celtics," said O'Neil. "I know they're down three games to two but they've faced elimination three times now, so no reason why they can't come back and win it one more time.

The pep rally had the crowd on their feet, and each passenger was offered a gold towel to twirl and root on Dub Nation.

Cieszynski made his way on board with a series of high fives and a prediction for Dub Nation.

"Oh Dubs are going to win! They haven't had a complete game yet in this whole series," said Cieszynski. "Everyone's going to hit tomorrow and I think it's going to be awesome, and I'll be crying like a baby if it happens and I get to be there."

The Dubs are hoping to close out the series in Boston with a win. But, if they do have to come back to the Bay Area you can bet there will be even bigger pep rallies to root on the Warriors.