Robin Williams former SF's Sea Cliff home on sale for $25 million

In San Francisco's Sea Cliff neighborhood stands a nearly century-old mansion sprawling over thousands of square feet with unique views of the Bay Area. But in addition to the iconic sights for sore eyes, it's also one of the former homes of the late comedian and actor Robin Williams.

Home prices may have bottomed out

The National Association of Realtors reports that with July home prices, nationally, the latest figures in, were almost 2% higher than July of last year. However, western states did not do as well so far.

A potential new major city between Rio Vista and Fairfield

After many months of reporters trying to find out who was buying up a large chunk of rural Solano County, we now know that an investor group, Flannery, which now calls itself Forever California, is behind the silent and mostly secret project.

Homeowners insurance cancellation problems get worse

Homeowners insurance cancellations are becoming all too common and the competition is dwindling as well. Joe Pochron, says he never had made a claim with GEICO which sold him a bundle of policies including auto.