18k capacity Chase Center will only have 950 parking spaces

When it opens, the Chase Center in San Francisco will hold 18,000 Warriors fans, but have only 950 parking spaces. Leaving some, who live and work nearby, apprehensive.

Ming Pan, who works around the corner said, "It might be the perfect storm when it comes to traffic."

But San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) says don't worry, they have a plan.

"We're confident we have a good plan. But our plan is not focused so much on parking. It's focused on the message that the best way to get to the Chase Center is always going to be to take mass transit," said Tom Maguire, director of SFMTA's Sustainable Streets. 

They say the Warriors are funding express bus service to connect with BART, extra service on the T Line, and parking control officers at over 20 intersections.

"We'll be able to load 4 two car t trains from that brand new platform we're building outside the arena, at every event," Maguire said.

At a meeting of the Port Commission Tuesday, officials announced parking restrictions meant to deter drivers.

"The curb rules, the parking meters in the neighborhood around the center will be set up to support the local businesses and residents, which means resident permit parking on residential streets and it means meters with one and two hour limits on the commercial streets," Maguire said.

Transit officials said a similar plan has worked well for Giants games.

The Warriors said they've been working hard to make sure fans can get to games easily. There have even been discussions about packaging public transit and ticket purchases together.

Team officials said they have faith their fans will adapt.

The Chase Center is set to open September 6.