49ers coach disappointed virus restrictions bans professional sports in Santa Clara County

Starting Monday, strict new COVID-19 restrictions go into effect in Santa Clara County as coronavirus cases have risen dramatically throughout the Bay Area.

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan expressed disappointment as the new order bans professional sports for the next three weeks. The new directive also includes mandatory quarantine for certain travelers and new capacity limits for businesses.

Over the weekend, Santa Clara County officials reported more than 760 new Covid-19 cases, which is double the number during the county's Covid-19 summer surge. Health officials said drastic measures need to be taken during these drastic times.

On Sunday, a celebrated win for the 49ers as the team beat the Rams in Los Angeles. However, the future of the 49ers season remains uncertain.

“You guys want to know the answer, so do our wives, so does everyone who knows us,” said Shanahan. “It was a very disappointing thing that we got yesterday.”

Shanahan shared his frustration with Santa Clara County’s new health order banning contact sports. It remains up in the air where the team will practice or play.

“We understand how big of a deal this virus is,” said Shanahan. “We feel so committed. We feel we've done it as good as we can. Not only we’ve protected ourselves but we’ve protected the community.”

It’s not the just 49ers impacted but San Jose Sharks, San Jose State and Stanford’s teams as well.

Besides sports, other restrictions include cardrooms must close. Hotels can only be open for essential travel, isolation and quarantine.

Heading to Lake Tahoe, Southern California, any place more than 150 miles away? A 14-day quarantine is required when you return to Santa Clara County. Healthcare workers and those seeking medical care are exempt.

Grocery, drug stores and pharmacies must limit capacity to 25 percent. Retail stores must limit theirs to 10 percent.

“It is December when we would have a store filled with people wrapping paper all over the place,” said Hicklebee’s Co-Owner Valerie Lewis.

Hicklebee's book store in San Jose said the new restrictions will undoubtedly slow its business. They’re encouraging shoppers to window and online shop.

“We’re gritting and by Golly, we’ll make it to the end of this year,” said Lewis.

“We have not seen the kind of rise in our county ever before that we've seen now,” said Angela Rogers, Stanford pulmonary and critical care physician.

As cases rise, Rogers who works in the ICU said it will be up to individuals to protect themselves and their neighbors.

“I hope if everyone banded together and did what the restrictions say,” said Rogers. “I think then we have a chance right at Christmas may be easing up a little.”

As the Stanford doctor alluded to, the new health order lasts until Dec. 21 and could be extended if the number of cases get worse.