49ers Jimmy G and his dad from Sunnyvale talk about a surprising subject

49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo made the rounds on Thursday with his dad, talking about a surprising subject. 

Instead of talking about football, Jimmy G and Tony Garoppolo of Sunnyvale, who is a retired electrician, discussed the importance of blue collar jobs and why young people should consider skilled trades, as part of SkillsUSA's National Signing Day. 

"I think what we're doing is really just trying to open up the eyes to everyone that you don't have to go to college, it's not for everybody," Jimmy Garoppolo told Mornings on 2. 

He said that he knew he wanted to play football in college, but if he didn't, there are many options on how to make money, especially if you're not an "average book guy" and prefer to get your hands dirty. 

For his part, Tony Garoppolo said he hoped he gave all his sons some work ethic by "going to work for 40-plus years and providing for the family." 

And it did.

Jimmy Garoppolo gave his dad a nod, saying how proud he was of him working as an electrician for four decades.

"The things he taught me are endless," he said. 

Then, he talked just a little about football, comparing it a bit to being an electrician. (To see what he said about his shoulder and Deebo, watch the full video) 

 "It's very, very similar to being a quarterback in the NFL," Jimmy Garoppolo said. "You know, not every day is going to be easy. But you got to go out there, put your hard hat on and go to work. So my dad instilled that me and my three brothers and all its true till today."