49ers’ Nick Bosa in good shape for season opener against Steelers, Shanahan says

The San Francisco 49ers will kick off their season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Just in time for the game, reigning defensive player of the year Nick Bosa signed a record-breaking contract.

Bosa participated in a full team workout Friday morning at the 49ers practice facility next to Levi’s Stadium. This after, Bosa signed a five-year, $170 million contract extension, making him the highest paid NFL defensive player.

Bosa admitted that he wasn’t sure how it would work out.

"Definitely a lot of thinking," he said. "There are certain points throughout it that are more stressful than others. But I trust the team around me. I know they have my best interests in mind. And I trusted the 49ers organization."

Bosa said he is happy with the outcome.

"I am very appreciative of this organization, obviously for believing in me and the York family for believing in me. It is definitely an honor to be able to be with this organization for the majority of my career," he said.


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After Friday's practice, head coach Kyle Shanahan said Bosa looked good.

"He looked exactly how we were expecting him to look. Looks in real good shape. Looks ready to go," he said.

Shanahan also said there are some concerns since Bosa missed about 40 days of real-world drills in training camp.

"But hitting and things like that don’t concern me too much. It is more just positions you get the body in and things like that, which you are more concerned about in general. So we have got to be smart with him, but we will see how the game plays out," Shanahan said.

After three trips to the NFC championship game in the past four years, fans believe the 49ers will go all the way this year.

"I think this is our year. I mean it's do or die this year. The team is stacked on both sides, so I firmly believe this is the year to do it," said Niners fan Tom Diep.

Added another fan, David Sunia, "I think there is strong chance it is going to happen. We signed Bosa now. We have been waiting for the last few days, so I think we can have some optimism."

As for Bosa and his record-breaking contract, he already as a big purchase in mind.

"Definitely get a house out here which will be a pretty big purchase," he said.

After practice the team boarded buses for their flight to Pittsburgh and will have all day Saturday to workout before Sunday’s season opener against the Steelers.