Aggravated assault on Cal campus under investigation

File photo of the University of California, Berkeley campus and main library. (Photo by David Butow/Corbis via Getty Images)

An aggravated assault took place Friday afternoon in the area of Haas Pavilion, an arena on the University of California at Berkeley campus, campus police said.

The assault happened around 4:45 p.m. Friday, and the suspect is a woman wearing a white T-shirt and black leggings, according to police. The victim was punched and kicked, police said.

The incident was described as "aggravated assault," which is an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury, police said. It is usually accompanied by a weapon or by means likely to produce death or great bodily harm.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact campus police at (510) 642-6760.