APEC security causing transportation constraints for residents

San Francisco is preparing for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit and work is underway to secure venues and manage how people move around the city.

We are now getting an idea of what the so-called red zone around Moscone Center will look like the week of APEC. Workers are building an 8-foot fence around the center, one of the primary sites to host APEC.

The event is expected to draw more than 20,000 visitors and an estimated $53 million, but it's also expected to create some inconveniences for those living, working or traveling near the venues set to host. 

The city says it is following guidelines from the U.S. Secret Service to keep the event safe. 

"Street closures, and roadblocks and a number of motorcades," said San Francisco Mayor London Breed. "We know that those are things we need to make adjustments for."

Moscone is one of the so-called red security zones where everyone will have to go through security to enter, and immediately surrounding it, a green zone where traffic will be restricted and vehicles searched, will create traffic congestion throughout the event.

The head of the SFMTA is urging people to check the agency's website for updates on how APEC is impacting travel through the city; everything from parking restrictions to road closures. 


"When you're in the city it's also going to be challenging to drive in some locations as well, so we encourage everyone to walk, bike or take Muni," said Jeffrey Tumlin from SFMTA.

Rudolph Mason lives in a building for seniors just across the street from Moscone Center and relies on Paratransit to get around. He's already rearranged his schedule since he says he learned that getting around will be a challenge. 

"Well the thing is, I canceled my doctor's appointment next week for the fact that it's going to be barricaded," said Mason.

In fact, Mason says he will likely be spending a lot of time indoors during APEC.

"I'm just going to stay in," said Mason. "I live right there in the building. So, I'm just going to stay in. Got plenty of foodstuffs and everything to sustain me, and just let it happen."

San Francisco's Police Chief Bill Scott also said all officers will be on 10 to 12-hour shifts to make sure there are enough officers to handle the city's daily policing needs as well as address security around APEC and the daily protests it's expected to draw. 

"We respect people exercising their First Amendment rights," said Scott. "But, we will not tolerate violence and we will not tolerate property destruction."

What we're seeing now is just the beginning. Federal and local officials say the bulk of the work to secure the venues around the city will start Monday night and is expected to impact the area around Moscone, The Embarcadero, Nob Hill and other destinations in the city, like Lincoln Park.