Apple says new A.I. features will be added to its products in the fall

Apple announced new artificial intelligence features for its iPhone and other products. The company made the announcement at its Worldwide Developers Conference today. 

Experts say Apple is not known for being the first to get onboard with new technology, but when it does, you can expect it to have a global impact.

"I don’t have to open a website or an app. That’s an extra step, right, for users to have access to it," said Heidi Chen, of Stanford. 

After Apple announced it’ll be adding artificial intelligence features like ChatGPT to its products, Chen, an iPhone user, believes having it already on her iPhone will be more convenient when she needs help. 

"With my dog, one day I cut her nail too deep, and she started bleeding. It was like 11pm on Friday night. Who’s going to respond to my text? I asked my friend on ChatGPT, and she told me what to do with the dog," said Chen. 

Apple says it’ll call its A.I. technology ‘Apple Intelligence’, according to the Associated Press. The tech company says by partnering with San Francisco-based start-up OpenAI, its virtual assistant Siri will be more personable, smarter, and data privacy will be a priority.

"What Apple really wants to focus on, is proving that this technology can work with our devices, and in our daily lives, and also be able to do it in a privacy-centric way," said Ian Sherr, Tech Reporter & Analyst. 

Some tech-watchers on X said Apple’s new A.I. move will stunt the growth of other startups. 

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk posted on X saying he’ll ban Apple products from his companies if OpenAI is used, calling it a security violation. 

Apple says Siri will be able to safely complete hundreds of more tasks and San Jose State Univ. Tech professor Ahmed Banafa says Apple proclaimed at Monday’s conference that there’s more A.I. to come.   

"They told us in the last hour of the keynote (speech) about their plan. This is just the beginning. They have more to offer. They have their own A.I. which is the one used by Siri now, and they have ChatGPT to help just in case the answers are not enough," said Banafa.   

Apple says a free software update will be available for its users sometime this Fall and new products will have the feature already installed.