Bear cub locks itself inside car

A bear cub in Colorado found a way to turn one woman's car into a comfy den.

The car owner says all of the windows and doors were closed when the bear locked itself in the car, early Tuesday morning at a campsite.

The cub did some damage, ripping the plastic sunroof cover off, and chewing up the steering wheel.

The woman says she was still shocked when sheriff's deputies showed up to help, "There's a bear rummaging through my trunk it's like a baby. It's a little bigger than a cub."

Deputy Josh Tillman with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said, "when the door came open the bear jumped out kind of in my direction. I just kind of made a little bit of a loud yell at him and it started him and he took off the other direction like we wanted him to."

Deputies believe the bear opened the rear hatch to climb inside.