Boy with special needs gets piano with help from some friendly teenagers

At 10-years-old Myles Latham is a natural born piano player.

"I just wanted to sit down and piece together things," Myles said.

But music isn't just a fun form of expression for this Concord boy. He suffers from anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Playing music smooths all that out for him.

"You feel like really hyper, but then it's like ahh," he described.

"He's able to relax and have that calm time to himself and have a couple of minutes when he is relaxed and not going through the anxiety and stress he goes through," said his mother Beth Latham.

But until a week ago, Myles never had his own piano. His parents looked, but most were too expensive to have delivered.

Then last week, when Myles' mother was driving her daughter to high school, she saw a piano on the sidewalk for free. But there was one problem.

Beth Latham knew she couldn't life the piano onto her truck by herself. And she was afraid if she left and came back it would be gone.

So she asked for help from students from Clayton Valley Charter High School who were standing nearby. All are members of the varsity baseball team. They lifted the piano into the truck

"It was heavy. Heavier than we thought it was," said Milan Mijanovic.

None of the students had any idea what a random act of kindness meant to a young boy with special needs.

"You never know how you affect someone's life doing little things like that," said student Spencer Leal.
"Thank you, because if you didn't do that I wouldn't have a piano otherwise because we never found it easy to get into the back of the truck," said Myles.

Now Myles Latham has own piano, and the inner peace it brings him.