Brotherly love: Actor Chris Pratt and Solano County sheriff's deputy cheer Eagles at Super Bowl

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Actor Chris Pratt might have been trying to hide his star status at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Minneapolis by wearing a Solano County Sheriff’s beanie, but his older brother – a deputy - obviously ruined his secret by sharing his photo to the world.

The picture went viral of the actor probably best known for playing Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, but who also had roles in The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy.

And Solano County Sheriff's Deputy Cully Pratt, 41, who is the department's spokesman and social media czar, wanted it that way. #PrattPrattPratt he tweeted.

Speaking to KTVU on Monday, Pratt the deputy joked that his 38-year-old brother is definitely “smarter, taller and better looking” than him, but their sister, Angie, 43, is “by far, the funniest” of them all.

While Chris Pratt got into acting, Cully Pratt went right into the Army after high school, which led him to a career in law enforcement.

"We are really close," Cully Pratt said. "Sure, we take jabs at one another, but in actuality he's just awesome. He wore my hat because he's always supported me. Probably wished he was a deputy sheriff instead of a huge movie star."

The Pratt brothers are both Seattle Seahawks fans so the pair rooted for the underdogs – the Philadelphia Eagles, whose players ended up winning their first Super Bowl in history.

It was just a boy’s trip, Cully Pratt said, and the whole thing was “an amazing experience.”