Cal falcons, Annie and Lou, produce 4 eggs in the UC Berkeley clocktower

Peregrine falcons nesting on the UC Berkeley clocktower have produced four eggs as of Saturday, March 11, 2023. Photo credit: Cal Falcons

The much anticipated fourth falcon egg arrived atop the UC Berkeley clocktower over the weekend.

Likely her last of the season, falcon Annie laid the egg Saturday morning in the gravel nest sitting high in the University's Campanile building. 

The Cal falcon webcam showed the moment of arrival.

Annie has been laying most of her eggs at a slightly faster pace than average this year, according to their Instagram feed. Though, the last egg came a little later than predicted.

Peregrine falcons typically lay four eggs, and very rarely five, they said. 

Annie and Lou watching over their nest on March 7, 2023. Photo credit: Cal Falcons

Whether all chicks will survive, Cal officials said peregrine falcons can successfully raise all four or even five, assuming conditions are good. 

Annie though, has yet to raise more than three young in a single year, they said.

The nesting season is a big deal around Cal. Every year thousands watch the live feed to see what comes of the off-spring. 

There are T-shirts people can buy to support the research of the falcons. And even a contest called Falcon Meme March Madness, where a bracket is created of people's favorites.

Last year, tragedy struck when one of the falcon parents, Grinnel, died after he was likely struck by a car. A few months later one of the young chicks was also killed by a hawk.

So a full and healthy nest has been a relief for many falcon followers.

The estimated hatch day for this new family is April 11, Cal officials said.

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