CHP investigating armed carjacking on I-580 in Oakland

The California Highway Patrol is investigating an armed carjacking that happened on Interstate 580 in Oakland. 

Authorities say it happened at 5:47 a.m. Sunday when the suspect crashed into the victim's car. 

The suspect then forced everyone out onto the shoulder of the freeway, including a young child, which prompted California Highway Patrol officers to shut down the eastbound lanes of the freeway.

The CHP reports that they were called out to a two-vehicle collision on I-580, but when they arrived they only found one vehicle, a Chrysler 300 sedan.

"There were three people standing outside in the traffic lanes as well when they got there," said Sgt. Ralph Caggiano with the California Highway Patrol.

The three people, two men and a young child, told officers they were heading on a fishing trip when the driver of the Chrysler 300 crashed into their white Toyota Highlander.

After they pulled over, the man driving the Chrysler got out and stole the Toyota Highlander.

"The occupant of the Chrysler 300 exited that vehicle and the people that were in the Highlander advised him they were going to call police to get a traffic report. When they did that, he pulled out a black, semi automatic handgun, unknown caliber at this point, pointed it at them, and fired one shot in the air," said Caggiano.

The suspect forced the two men and child out of the Toyota Highlander and sped off in their vehicle. 

The California Highway Patrol says the suspect got off the freeway at the Golf Links exit, but had crashed the vehicle.

"And now he fled the scene on foot and we're unsure where he's at," said Caggiano.

While police continue to search for the suspect, investigators found out that there was even more to the story -- the suspect had also carjacked the Chrysler 300 from Richmond earlier in the morning.

Police are reviewing surveillence footage from the area for information.

The suspect is described as an adult black male, in his late 20s or early 30s, 5' 5", heavy set with a bald head.

The two men and young child are reported to be ok.