DA charges attempted murder in San Francisco eviction standoff

The San Francisco District Attorney on Tuesday charged a man with five counts of attempted murder, accusing him of firing off shots as deputies tried to evict him from an apartment near Buena Vista Park. 

The DA charged Eric Notrick, 42, of San Francisco with the crime. He pleaded not guilty. 

The gunfire erupted on July 3 at about 10:45 a.m., after San Francisco sheriff's deputies tried to evict Notrick from an apartment near 14th Street and Buena Vista.

Deputies said the man inside the home fired off multiple rounds through the door. 

The man in the home refused to come out and barricaded himself inside.

Officers used bullhorns, asking the man to come to the window and saying they wanted to help him. 

Swarms of officers and several tactical teams filled the area and blocked off the streets.

The sheriff's office said the area was evacuated and the man was taken into custody.

No one was injured.