Demonstrators arrested in Oakland amid confrontations with police

The Oakland police department shared this photo on Aug. 29, 2020, a night it said it arrested six people during demonstrations that turned into clashes with officers.

More than 100 people participated in a racial justice march through the streets of Oakland's Grand Lake neighborhood on Saturday night, resulting in arrests and the deployment of tear gas, Oakland police said.

In a video tweeted by the Oakland Police Department, officers addressed the crowd and asked they disperse as the march constituted unlawful assembly.

Officers deployed "minimal gas & smoke" after demonstrators pointed lasers and threw objects such as rocks and bottles at officers, the department claimed. 

One officer was injured near the intersection of Mandana Boulevard and Warfield Avenue, between Grand Avenue and Lakeshore Avenue, according to the OPD

Six demonstrators were arrested, and at least one person was detained for vandalism, Oakland police say.

It was the second consecutive night and the third night this week that demonstrators marched along Oakland streets.

More than a dozen protesters were arrested Friday evening on charges of vandalism, and protests Wednesday night resulted in property damage with several businesses vandalized and a small fire set in the Alameda County Courthouse.