DMV giving drivers who got Real IDs with one proof of residency a break

The DMV is giving drivers who got Real IDs with only one proof of residency a break.

You still have to provide a second proof of residency but most people don’t even have to go to a DMV office to do it.

According to the Mercury News, the DMV sent letters Tuesday asking over 3 million Real ID cardholders to share that secondary residency document.

This comes after millions of Californians got their Real IDs with just one proof of residency.

Now you can just mail proof it to the state.

When a Real ID cardholder gets that letter they just have to verify their address by checking a box that confirms the mailing address is right – sign – date and mail it back to the DMV.

For those who still haven’t applied for a Real ID, you’ll need one identity document like a birth certificate or passport, one Social Security number document like your Social Security card or W2, and two different proofs of residency like a home utility and cell phone bill.

Remember, you have to have a Real ID by October 1, 2020 to fly within the United States and enter federal facilities and military bases.