East Bay dispensary invaded after sideshow

Surveillance video captured intruders looting an East Oakland dispensary early Sunday morning.

The incident happened around 6 a.m. at Blunts and Moore cannabis dispensary at 66th Avenue and Coliseum Way in East Oakland.

"They kind of like pried up what they could, lifted up as far as they could get and then tthey broke it in," said Tucky Blunt, the shop's owner. 

Blunt says the invaders had the run of the place for several minutes. They didn't seem to care that about the cameras. 

At least one invader apparently got hurt during the break-in.

"I had blood in that case over there. I cleaned up them cases. There was blood over there, fingerprints," he said.

Nearly a dozen burglars helped themselves to weed products. But some of it was left behind after they were scared away by security

Blunt is an Oakland native and ex-felon who's running a business in the same neighborhood where he was once arrested. 

"I was safer selling weed on the streets in Oakland than I am selling legally," he said. "That's a problem. It's crazy to even say but that's the reality that I'm living in right now."

He says he wishes he could reach out to the burglars to steer them away from crime. 

"There's so much other stuff you guys can do. I can you teach you all how to be in this business legally. Instead of coming to steal from it just to sell to other thieves. You know what I mean? It makes no sense," Blunt said.

The unrest actually began with a sideshow with cars doing donuts right outside the dispensary.

"It went on for about 45 minutes, and after about 45 minutes I guess they realized the police weren't coming, Blunts and Moore is right here, let's hop over the gate," Blunt said.

Blunts and Moore was among several cannabis businesses that were targeted by roving caravans of robbers over the weekend. Some fired shots at police and security.  Police were also kept busy with sideshows across the city.

"I want to be clear. We're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of Oakland. We are going to respond," Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong said.

Armstrong says officers will be on high alert, especially this weekend.

"We will have tactical teams deployed throughout the city. These individuals that come to the city have been heavily armed from all throughout the bay area. These are not just people from Oakland," the chief said.