East Bay woman turns lifelong fascination for British royals into children's book

As mourners pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II, many around the world reflected on how the monarch touched their lives.  

One young author from the East Bay said her lifelong admiration for the Queen led her to write children's books.

"This is the silliest thing I ever heard, Elizabeth cried out," Janet McCarroll of Dublin read from a book she has written about the queen as a young girl.  

It's the first in a series she describes as historical fiction weaved with facts.  

"It really does go into World War II and things her family was going through at the time,"said McCarroll.

She read another excerpt, "Curiosity had gotten the better of Elizabeth and that fueled her courage to speak up."

It's that courage and grace that Queen Elizabeth II displayed at an early age and throughout her life that impressed the 28-year-old author.  

"She really changed what it is to be powerful. She's a tiny woman. She came into power at a time when women didn't get a whole lot of respect," McCarroll said her lifelong passion for the Royals started when she was a young girl wanting to know if there are real-life princesses.

Last fall, she sent a copy of her book "Elizabeth and the Piccadilly Council When Buckingham Calls" to the Queen and McCarroll received a thank-you letter.

"The Queen was touched by your wish for her to see the first in your series of children's stories and your kind words and support for The Royal Family," the letter said.

In June, McCarroll traveled to London to attend the Platinum Jubilee celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Queen's accession. 

McCarroll shared a video of a royal procession.

"I don't think we're ever going to see a Platinum Jubilee again in any of our lifetime so I wanted to be front and center for it," she said. 

McCarroll's mother, Janet Gregory, is a teacher at McClymonds High School in Oakland

She used her daughter's book about the Queen to teach literacy and more.

"It's very important for children to be aware of the world, what goes on globally, to be exposed to more than just their own culture," said Gregory.

McCarroll recently completed her second book in the series, a passion expressed through her storytelling.

She said the Queen's passing is an opportunity to honor her, "I was prepared to celebrate her more than cry about it."

McCarroll called the Queen the greatest monarch to ever live.  

She said she'll watch the funeral with sadness but also hope for the future of the monarchy.

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