Elderly couple scammed from home by grandson gets 60 more days to vacate

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FOX 11 has an update on a story that hit a nerve with so many of our viewers.

Wednesday, Hank and Helen Kawecki were supposed to be evicted from their home of 56 years. But a judge ruled they could stay another 60-days in their house. 

This...after the Kawecki’s lost their house in a scam they say was perpetrated their own grandson. That grandson is identified as Chad Moore. 

The Kawecki’s say Moore convinced them to hand over the deed of their house with the promise of always taking care of them. But Hank and Helen say instead, Moore took out loans on the house, never repaid them and sold the house without their knowledge.

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Doug Emerson, a neighbor who’s been helping the elderly couple, says, “He saw a chance to take this house, mortgage it to the hilt and spend the money and that’s what he did.”

Hank and Helen say when they confronted their grandson, he disappeared. We tried to get Moore’s side of the story but he never responded to our request for an interview. 

The extra 60 days will give the couple more time to find a new place to live.

There is a GoFundMe page called “Save Hank and Helen's House”.

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