Family of 4-year-old girl killed after biking accident at Lake Merritt push for better bike safety

The family of the 4-year-old who died in a Lake Merritt biking accident say Oakland leaders have been very responsive to their demand for new bike safety.

 "The more we've sat down and thought about it, Maia's death was fully preventable," said the girl's mother, Sheila McCracken.

Her daughter, Maia Correia, was riding on the back of her father's bike in a child seat in August when someone opened their parked car door into the bike path, knocking the pair to the ground.

Maia later died from her injuries.

Mayor Sheng Thao visited her family, who said she made a commitment to add a two-way protected bike lane on the east side of the lake and move up the city's bike lane renovation plan from a 2027 launch to fall of next year.

Maia's grandmother, Hydeh Ghaffari, said: "The good thing about that, is that we are actually going to be meeting with them quarterly."

Officials said one hurdle they have to consider is that EBMUD also has a major project planned on that side of the lake., which could affect their scheduling.