Family of Hayward man killed by police say they can't grieve properly while fighting for justice

The family of a Hayward man shot and killed by police say they can not grieve properly while they fight for justice. 

They say Agustin Gonsalez was coping with stress and depression and that officers were too quick to pull the trigger on Nov. 15, 2018. 

On Tuesday night, his family and supporters held a protest at Hayward City Hall. They say it's been four months and that it's too long to go without answers.

They're demanding answers and action.

Family members describe their journey to justice as difficult and frustrating. 

"I have the times when i grieve and then it becomes anger," says Karla Gonsalez, Agustin's mother. 

Anger over what she describes as the lack of answers from the city of Hayward, the Alameda County District Attorney's Office and the Hayward Police Department. 

After protesting outside, family and supporters chanted as they entered city hall to speak at the city council meeting. They demanded accountability, including an independent investigation by an outside agency. They also want the two officers who shot Agustin to be taken off the job.
"You got an angry community and they're not going away," says one supporter who addressed the city council from the podium during the meeting.

The city attorney advised council members not to respond because the family has filed a lawsuit against the city. 
Last month, the police released body cam footage of the shooting. Police say officers responded to a 911 call about a disturbance and found Agustin making slashing motions with what appeared to be a knife, but was later determined to be a razer blade. 

The investigation could take up to a year. 
"Absolutely I'm torn by it. It's unbelievable that this has happened," says Agustin Gonsalez who has the same name as his grandson. . T
The 71 year old grandfather served as a reserve officer for the Hayward police department for almost three decades. 
He says he never thought his grandson would be shot and killed by officers. 
"It's a nightmare that you wish you didn't have to wake up to," says Gonsalez 
Agustin's mother says her son suffered from depression and that police should have used de-escalation tactics and that they did not need to use deadly force. The officers shot and killed Agustin within 7 to 8 secs of one officer exiting his patrol vehicle. 
"If I stop, they win. That's one thing I won't do. I won't stop until my son gets justice," says Karla. 
She and other family members say they plan to come to city hall to protest at least once a month until 
they get answers. 
KTVU reached out to the Hayward Police and the Alameda County District Attorney's Office. Their response is that the investigation is active and ongoing.