Family searches for answers 2 years after San Francisco man's unsolved Tenderloin homicide

The family of a San Francisco man shot and killed two years ago say they can't rest until those responsible are identified and arrested.

The police are now offering a $25,000 reward for information that will solve this case.

The victim's mother and wife describe Mark Hughes as a good man who did everything for his three children.

"This is him in Hollywood for his birthday," said his mother Patricia Turner as she shared the many photos of her son that fill their home in San Francisco," I feel like it just happened yesterday. The pain never goes away." 

In the early morning hours of March 14, 2020, Hughes was on Jones Street in the Tenderloin neighborhood, a place where his mother says he has friends.

Police said more than two people approached the 35-year-old and shot him multiple times.

Hughes died at the scene.  Investigators suspect the motive may be robbery.

"You don't just kill the person.  You kill their family, their friends and people who cared about them," said Turner. 

 She shared video of Hughes with his son celebrating Christmas, just three months before he was killed.

Turner describes her son as a family man who adored his three children, that they enjoyed many outings together.

His wife Valentina Santiago spoke with KTVU off camera, "There's no words to explain how much we all miss him."

His family said he was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2016 and suffered seizures which made him unable to continue to work in construction.   

They said he encouraged his children to excel in school.

His daughter Aryanna recently took her high school graduation photo with a tribute to her father.

In her cap and gown portrait, she held a photo of her father with herself and her brother. 

"She took the picture. That way he can be there with her in her moment of accomplishment," said Santiago.  

"I'm not going to rest until my son's killers are caught," said Turner. 

His wife added, "He's that one piece to our family puzzle that we can never get back." 

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Police said the surveillance video they have is not of good quality.

Investigators and the family hope the new $25,000 reward will lead to the arrest and prosecution of those who killed Mark Hughes.