Forever 21 blasted for sending Atkins diet bars with plus-size clothing orders

That's not what they ordered! A flurry of furious Forever 21 customers claim that the fast fashion retailer included samples of Atkins diet bars along with their recent online orders of plus-size merchandise.

In recent days, shoppers have called out the chain for the offensive move, which has since sparked widespread outrage on social media, sharing photos of the low-carb, lemon-flavored bars along with their purchases.

“My mom ordered some clothes from @Forever21 ‘s plus size collection and they sent a Atkins diet bar along with the stuff she ordered,” Twitter user @Jessemarisaelao wrote in a July 19 post that has since been liked over 8,500 times as of Wednesday morning.

“Sending people diet bars, shakes, teas, etc. with clothes they bought can send a negative message about body image,” she continued.

“I went from a size 24 to 18, still a plus size girl, so I ordered jeans from @Forever21 Opened the package, when I looked inside I see this Atkins bar, What are you trying to Tell me Forever 21, I’m FAT, LOSE WEIGHT?” another commenter jeered. “Do you give these to NON-PLUS SIZE WOMEN as well?”

Though reps for Forever 21 did not immediately return Fox News’ request for comment on the claims, officials for the superstore told USA Today that the Atkins bar samples were included in recent orders "across all sizes and categories,” which have “since been removed” from distribution.