Former Oakland police chief LeRonne Armstrong appeals his termination

Former Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong filed a formal appeal to contest his termination.

Sam Singer, a spokesperson for Armstrong, said he started the administrative appeal process late Wednesday following Mayor Sheng Thao's decision to let him go last week.

The move is the first official step in disputing a termination. 

Armstrong believes he was wrongfully terminated, saying, "I did my job and I did it well."

Thao relieved Armstrong of his duties after an independent probe commissioned by the federal monitor found "systemic deficiencies" in how the department handled internal affairs investigations. The report faulted Armstrong for his failure to discipline one of his sergeants who was at the center of two separate misconduct investigations.

Armstrong has repeatedly denied the findings and called the report sensationalized.

He said Thao didn't weigh any other evidence when she decided to terminate him.

Last week, Thao said she fired Armstrong based on his response to the outside investigation and his repeated denials that he hadn't done anything wrong. The mayor also said there were deep problems and coverups in the department under his watch.