Former SF cop sentenced to more than 3 years in jail in corruption case

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - Former San Francisco Police Sergeant Ian Furminger, 48, was stripped of his badge in December. On Monday he was sentenced to the maximum 41 months in federal prison, convicted of stealing money and property from drug dealers.

"It's disgusting, this whole thing," Furminger told reporters outside the Federal Building in San Francisco. "I'm well-educated, 20 years a cop, never had a complaint, civil or suits."

The investigation was sparked by the 2011 release of surveillance videos showing plainclothes officers raiding SRO hotel rooms.

Furminger and fellow officer Edmond Robles were convicted - in part - thanks to former officer Reynaldo Vargas, who faced similar charges and testified against the two.

Furminger on Monday said he was essentially framed by the people who stepped forward with the theft allegations and that Vargas - who left the force after being fired for alleged timesheet fraud - shouldn't be trusted. "He's a crooked cop. He's a dirty, dirty man," said Furminger.

"My job is to protect my people. I was 'Poppa Bear' and I rocked. I made it happen. I made everything happen. We caught everybody."

Furminger said he helped improve the operation of the Southern Station's plainclothes unit.

In court, Furminger told U.S. District Court Judge Charles Breyer, "I was a very hardworking police officer. My biggest regret in life was not being able to testify... because I would walk right out of here."

But Breyer called his sentencing "a day of shame for law enforcement" and said Furminger's offenses would cause the public to distrust the police.

Breyer said the former sergeant was especially culpable because he supervised other plainclothes officers.

Furminger also faces a $25,000 fine and is set to surrender on or before April 3rd for placement in a federal facility near San Francisco.

His attorney Brian Getz said Furminger plans to appeal the conviction and sentence.