Four brothers play football for Benicia High, and they're all a twin

Check out a Benicia football game.  You won’t just see double. You’ll see quadruple.

“It's something that you don't see every day that's for sure,” says Benicia head coach Craig Holden.

Meet the Lane brothers – seniors Jeremiah and Jalen; sophomores Kendall and Kameron.

“I think the biggest confusion is realizing that they're all brothers and they’re twins,” says the twins’ mom, Dadane.

That confusion extends to their teammates.

“They can never tell the difference between us,” admits Jeremiah Lane.

It also extends to their coach.

“The two older ones yes, I call them twin 1 and twin 2.

And what happens when he simply yells, “Hey Lane?!"

“That is an issue.  Because when you try to say something real quick you can't remember which name they are.  I yell ‘Lane!’ and they all look, so I guess we'll get all of their attention.  The funny thing is it's easy because they cover about 7 different positions.  It helps us out on the depth chart.”

Of course there's always an interesting dynamic when siblings play sports together.  So how does it work with four brothers on the same field at the same time?

“I think they feed off each other, they always have since they were young,” explains father Brandon Lane.  “It's almost like they know where each other is at all time on the field.  They kind of feed off their movements, work well with each other.”

“My brothers help me on the field,” says Kendall Lane.  “When I do something bad, or don’t know what to do, they're gonna be like ‘you have to do this,’ so it's good.”

“We like try to be role models and they look up to us,” adds Jalen Lane.  “We want them to follow our footsteps.  Hopefully become better players than we are today.”

That built in support system is priceless.  But with it comes the inevitable smidge of sibling rivalry - though it’s not so much brother versus brother as it is twins against twins.

“We have some altercations,” says Kameron Lane.  “But it's all brotherly love and brotherly fun, so nothing serious.”

“We honestly think we're better, they kinda compete with us,” says Jalen Lane.  “So it's always a competition with us.”

“They'll let ‘em know, they'll definitely give them feedback,” says Dadane  “And I always tell the boys feedback is a gift, so take it and learn and just try to improve.  They respect their older brothers so it's nice.”

If one of them messes up, I go talk to the other ones and say can you go talk to your brother and get him straightened out,” adds Holden.  “If one of them gets hurt I just ask the other one if he felt that.  I like to have fun with them.”

It IS fun.  For the whole family.  The Lanes relish this most unique - opportunity for all involved.

“Being together one last time, last year for our senior year,” says Jeremiah.  “I think it's great we finally get to play with them.”

“I haven't played with my brothers since scouts since I was a little guy,” adds Kameron.  “To play with them now, it's a blessing.”

Perhaps mom appreciates it more than anyone.

“It's sentimental for me because they've been playing since they were little boys.  So for this to be their last year together before Jalen and Jeremiah go off to college, it's emotional.”