Friday update on Bay Area COVID-19 developments

The latest developments around the region related to the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Friday afternoon include:  

Berkeley City Auditor Jenny Wong said in a statement Thursday that her office will audit the city's COVID-19 and disaster response and the police department budget in the next 12 months. 

With "reopening" on hold in much of the Bay Area, holiday weekend closures include roads and popular gathering spots, as well as beaches - though in some cases streets are closed to encourage safe shopping and dining during the coronavirus pandemic. Health officials from across the region issued a joint statement urging residents to stay safe by celebrating the traditionally social Fourth of July holiday at home - and only with the members of their immediate household. 

Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody issued a new health order on Thursday that would move the county from a phased opening plan to a risk-aversion plan for coming months. If approved by the state, the plan would allow more businesses to open as long as they follow strict physical distancing guidelines. If approved, the plan will take effect July 13 or within two days of state approval. 

Statewide, there are 248,235 confirmed cases and 6,263 deaths. That's up from 240,195 cases and 6,163 deaths on Thursday.

As of Friday at 3 p.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases around the greater Bay Area region:  

  • Alameda County: 6,472 cases, 140 deaths (6,384 cases, 138 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Contra Costa County: 3,432 cases, 79 deaths (3,326 cases, 78 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Marin County: 2,704 cases, 19 deaths (2,576 cases, 19 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Monterey County: 1,791 cases, 15 deaths (1,748 cases, 15 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Napa County: 344 cases, 4 deaths (333 cases, 4 deaths on Thursday) 
  • San Francisco County: 3,776 cases, 50 deaths (3,719 cases, 50 deaths on Thursday) 
  • San Mateo County: 3,441 cases, 108 deaths (3,376 cases, 108 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Santa Clara County: 4,849 cases, 159 deaths (4,750 cases, 159 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Santa Cruz County: 417 cases, 3 deaths (410 cases, 3 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Solano County: 1,476 cases, 25 deaths (1,402 cases, 25 deaths on Thursday) 
  • Sonoma County: 1,267 cases, 10 deaths (1,229 cases, 9 deaths on Thursday)