Get KTVU News Apps – anywhere, anytime, on any device

OAKLAND – The hectic pace of life in the Bay Area has changed the way your get your news.

To help keep you informed, KTVU Fox 2 has developed cutting edge apps that will deliver the news as it happens – anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Simply download the KTVU news app to your mobile devices from the links below from the Apple iTunes store or at Google play.

The link at the top of the app to the KTVU livestream will allow you to watch the KTVU Fox 2 newscasts on your phone or tablet. Now you can watch KTVU News at the office, on BART or while you are out of town on vacations and business trips.

The apps also have the latest news stories by your region of the Bay Area where you live and video clips of the most important stories of the day.

They also include local weather and the latest traffic conditions.

Alerts can easily be added so you are informed of major stories when they break or when major storms roll through the Bay Area.

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