Giants manage to fit in 9 innings in between the rain

Spring showers did little to dampen sprits at Oracle Park, where the Giants managed to fit nine innings in between storms.

"It's San Francisco, it's May. We should get the game in. It can't rain that hard," said Giants fan Don Ferrante.

While there was rain early,most of the day was dry.

California emergency officials said the storm is expected douse the Bay Area, but, hopefully it won't lead to any major issues.

"I think from a flooding standpoint, we're pretty good," said California OES Director, Mark Ghilarducci. "That doesn't mean that you won't see local street flooding or you could have small stream advisors that are put forth by the weather service."

For those working outdoors, the unusual storm means covering up the worksite and protecting as much as possible from the rain.

"I've heard yesterday from Steve [Paulson] that [there will be] 2, 2 1/2 inch rain over the 3 days," said Peter Balla from Balla Construction Design  "I don't know if it can handle that much, that our covering can handle that much."

Balla is the father of one of our producers here at KTVU who was telling his daughter, just how rough the rain can be for contractors.

The rain is also impacting drivers. The advice from California Highway Patrol is to slow down and leave a lot of room to brake.