Hundreds infected with COVID at Tesla Fremont plant, report shows

There have been hundreds of cases of coronavirus among workers in Tesla’s Fremont factory, according to a report published by Plain Site.

A bitter CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on May 9 of last year, threatening to pull the automaker out of California after local health regulations forced the company to temporarily shut down operations.

Musk later moved his personal residence from Los Angeles to Texas.

However, it's not clear if the plant ever actually closed. The company had already violated shelter-in-place rules.

Nonetheless, Tesla faced protests outside of the facility and even threatened to fire workers who wouldn't come to work.

Then-president Donald Trump also Tweeted that local officials should allow the Tesla plant open "now."

By mid-May Alameda County given Tesla the green light to officially resume operations. Just a few days later, Tesla had ten employees test positive for COVID-19

Later in July, Tesla sent an email to all employees to say the facility was safe, and that everyone can return to work. Workers again rallied for better protection from COVID-19 at the Fremont plant.

Tesla posted its second quarterly profit while the plant was allegedly closed. Since then, the automaker has had an additional three profitable quarters.

It's unclear exactly how many employees have tested positive. The factory employed 10,000 people before the COVID pandemic began.

KTVU has reached to Tesla for comment but has not heard back.