Hundreds of teachers to strike following breakdown in contract talks

Hundreds of teachers will strike next week following a breakdown in contract talks with a Union City school district Wednesday, teachers announced.

Officials with the New Haven Teachers Association said around 8:30 p.m. that 585 of their teachers in the New Haven Unified School District will take to the picket lines Monday to demand professional pay to retain teachers. 

Union officials said the district’s “last, best” offer was a 1% raise starting July 1 and a 3% “off-schedule” bonus, which is one-time and is not factored into teacher retirement benefits.

WATCH: Union officials announce they will strike 

"Instead of paying teachers a professional salary, the school board and superintendent continue shifting their priorities to overpaying administrators and socking money into reserves,” said New Haven Teachers Association President Joe Ku’e Angeles. 

Teachers will be making signs on Thursday in preparation for the labor action followed by parent-led events throughtout the weekend, according to union officials. 

KTVU contributed to this report.