Killer whales' attack on two gray whales captured in stunning video out of Monterey Bay

Usually when we share videos of wildlife or nature it doesn't end in bloodshed, but a stunning video posted online recently shows a bloody mess when killer whales attacked two gray whales. 

The video was taken by Evan Brodsky, a photographer with Monterey Bay Whale Watch.

The caption reads: "GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: More from Thursdays incredible attack with over 30 killer whales on 2 ADULT gray whales. At the end the badly wounded gray whales escaped to the shallow waters towards the beach and the Orcas backed down."

The graphic content warning is warranted. While it is nature running its course, the scene isn't pretty. The attack, as captured on video, is longer than two and a half minutes. The Chronicle interviewed Brodsky who captured this rare event with help from a drone. He said his heart was beating out of his chest and that the attack actually lasted more like five hours. 

The orcas (killer whales) quickly surround the much larger mammals, but demonstrate strength in numbers and overwhelm the majestic animals, battering and bloodying them with a quick, intense attack. 

The gray whales appear to be swimming together before the surprise attack unfolds. The two victims thrash in the water, banding together before, as the caption suggests, they make their escape. 

If you've been following Monterey Bay Whale Watch's Instagram page, you'd know that ‘killer whale season’ is just about here as they've even pinpointed it to April 7 through May 15 for their tours. "Killer Whales are seen more frequently during the mom/calf Gray Whale migration during April and May," they explain. 

Indeed, the orca's prey includes other marine mammals such as; sea lions, dolphins and gray whale calves. However, a marine biologist told the newspaper, an attack by orcas on adult gray whales is quite stunning and a rare occurrence. 

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