At least 2 injured at Dolores Park hill bomb event

Despite clear warnings from the San Francisco Police Department, dozens of skateboarders and spectators turned out for the annual Hill Bomb event at the city's Dolores Park. 

At least two people were injured during the event, according to the San Francisco Fire Department

Officials said both incidents involved skaters without helmets.

That being said, the event was a lot less chaotic than last year's, with much fewer participants and a smaller audience. 

Last year's event ended in mass arrests-at least 80 minors and 30 adults were arrested and Muni buses were vandalized resulting in thousands worth of damage. 

Fireworks were also launched and objects were thrown at officers. However, the large number of arrests led to heavy criticism against the SFPD, calling their response excessive.

This year, skaters moved away from the traditional location, heavily fortified by police, to 19th and Church Streets in the park. When asked about how they were monitoring the area, SFPD said they don't speak on their operations and tactics and continue to try to keep the area safe.

Barricades were in place to prevent any injuries. 


San Francisco police warn skaters to stay away: "We don't intend to allow a hill bomb"

SFPD Chief Bill Scott urged skaters to stay away from the Dolores Park hill bomb Saturday, stating that as far as the department is concerned, it is canceled. Still, officers will be heavily deployed to ensure the community is safe in the event crowds become unruly and violent.

In a Friday press conference, Police Chief Bill Scott made clear the city is not against skateboarders and doesn't wish to "spoil their fun," but just to make sure no criminal activity or danger occurs.

Notably in 2020, a cyclist was killed when they collided with a skater during the event.

"What we don't want and can't have is a community that has been taken over - criminal activity, vandalism, assaults, assaults on officers, assaults on the public," he said.