'Life well lived': Petaluma police bids goodbye to retired K-9 Basko

Petaluma police bid farewell to a distinguished retired K-9, Basko, who passed away on Nov. 2.   

Basko died surrounded by friends and his family, also the family of his handler Detective Corie Joerger, police said Thursday.   

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Petaluma Police Department Detective, Corie Joerger, and Basko in an undated photo.  Basko who served with Detective Joerger from 2012 to his 2020 retirement, died on Nov. 2, 2023. (Petaluma Police Department via Bay City News)

The K-9 veteran served the Petaluma Police Department from 2012 to 2020. Police said Basko, along with Joerger, was responsible for multiple arrests of high-risk suspects. He is also credited for the seizure of more than $3 million in U.S. currency and for the seizure of over $1 million worth of illegal drugs.   

Police expressed their gratitude to Joerger and her family "who loved and adored Basko and made his life after police work a life well lived."