Line Producer



The producer gathers and selects news content, writes and copy edits stories, assembles the stories into a rundown, and creates graphics and visuals to complement the presentation of material for the on-air broadcast and digital platforms. This includes: generating story ideas, writing and/or producing packages for air. Work closely with News Managers, Assignment Desk, news reporters and other newsroom employees on story conception and development and execution of story.

Create and write content for digital platforms that cross-promote and/or supplement station's news gathering efforts. Participate in editorial meetings, contributing ideas and innovative ideas to present material.

Producers will also be assigned to produce or oversee special projects, productions, or live coverage of station-sponsored events. Additional duties assigned as deemed necessary or appropriate.


The producer must be able to write news copy clearly, in broadcast style, for on-air, online, and other digital platforms. Must be able to assemble news material in a logical and organized fashion and present finished stories in a professional and engaging manner for viewers/readers to be able to comprehend the latest local, national, and international news. 

Strong writing and producing skills are essential. Ability to contribute ideas on a daily basis and to recognize what types of stories would make for interesting and compelling television and online content. Ability to adapt to a fast paced quickly changing environment and to react in live situations to cover breaking news, etc. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious relationships with peers and supervisors and to develop contacts outside the building to aid in newsgathering.

The producer must be enterprising and self-motivated and be able to work independently to develop newscast or assigned production. Requires a thorough understanding of all journalistic standards and broadcast production techniques used to create visual and compelling on-air and online content.

Bachelor's degree in journalism or related field required.

Must have experience as a broadcast producer (three to five years minimum preferred). Must be able to meet aggressive deadlines while completing high quality broadcasts. Must have thorough understanding of social media platforms and experience posting to digital platforms.


POSTED: March 31, 2015