Man begins moving, breathing 45 minutes after being pronounced dead

MILWAUKEE , WI (WTXF) -- A man pronounced dead, starts moving and breathing as crews were transporting his body to the morgue.

That man is now recovering.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Milwaukee fire department says an internal investigation is being conducted, to determine why no signs of life were detected.

Results of the investigation could be available next week.

Milwaukee police say around 11:20 p.m., Tuesday night, they were called to the Tower Apartments, near 11th and Wells, for a welfare check.

There they found, what police describe as a 46-year-old man lying face down unresponsive in a bedroom.

This man was identified as Thomas Sancomb, and a Milwaukee County medical examiner's report indicates that just after midnight, responding officers found him "cold to the touch and in rigor."

The police then called the Milwaukee fire department, and, when fire personnel arrived, "no lividity was noted, and he appeared very pale. Death was pronounced."

But, roughly 45 minutes later, as transporters arrived at the scene, Sancomb exhibited, "spontaneous respiration and began moving his left arm and right leg, the patient had a heart rate."

Sancomb was then taken to Saint Mary's Hospital.

Sancomb's brother says Thomas is getting better every day.