Man using lawn mower causes fire in Geyserville, is arrested

Pocket Fire in Geyserville

When garden work becomes disastrous- a Cloverdale man cutting his grass in the late morning on Saturday is believed to have started the 11-acre Pocket Fire in Sonoma County

The man, whom Cal Fire authorities did not identify, was allegedly riding a lawn mower that is believed to have started the fire. 

He was booked in the Santa Rosa Jail on a felony charge of unlawfully causing a fire of a structure or forest land and three misdemeanor charges of violating the health and safety code and California public resource code.

The fire started around 11:20 a.m. near Pocket Ranch and Ridge Oaks Roads. 

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Lawn mover used in Pocket Fire in Geyserville

Authorities said the lawn mover he was using is designed for wet, green lawns and not for dry weeds or grass. They said the mower was being used in cured annual grasses standing at 4 feet tall. 

This arrest marks the second one relating to recent grass fires. 

Another arrest was made Wednesday in the Adams Fire, caused by weed-eating in dried grasses.

Authorities remind residents that gardening equipment can cause sparks that lead to wildfires. 

Outside of lawnmowers, weed-eaters, chainsaws, grinders, welders, tractors, and trimmers also pose a wildfire risk.