Martinez Refining Company updates city on 'coke dust' and other releases

The Martinez Refining Company gave an update Wednesday night about the regulation investigations it performed after repeated instances of their plant releasing dust into the community.

In front of the Martinez City Council, the company said that it has made multiple operation changes due to the three accidental dust releases over the last year. 

They said this included 11 corrective actions, including training adjustments. The company also said they have made their alarm sounding process more efficient. 

"We've taken and completely streamlined that procedure to eliminate all of those other touch points. And at this point forward, if there is an incident, whether it's been catalyst opacity or coke dust release or other, then, in what we call the refinery team leader, he's the sole individual that has the responsibility to immediately sound the county warning system alert immediately," a spokesperson told the Martinez City Council. 

The Martinez refining company said some of the investigations into multiple releases are still ongoing but that it will continue to update the City Council with the findings.

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