Oakland sideshow video: Semi-truck spins as crowd cheers, climbs trailer

Police in Oakland are investigating multiple sideshows that happened on Friday night--one involving a semi-truck.

According to police the sideshows happened at different times at different locations. 

The first one happened just after midnight near Keller Ave. and Mountain Blvd., it is estimated that 30 vehicles took part. 

Police responded to a second incident at 3200 Grand Avenue involving 10 vehicles. 

A third sideshow with 30 vehicles was reported just after 1:00 a.m. near Edes Ave. and Hegenberger Rd.

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Video from one of the incidents shows a large big rig truck driving in circles in the sideshow, as onlookers cheered on the driver. The crowd is seen climbing on the back of the trailer as the driver honked the horn.

Police have not said if the driver was involved with the sideshow or simply trying to leave the area. 

Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo said residents are fed up with the noise, the crowds, and the ugly tire marks left behind.

"This has to end. There’s no explanation, no justification why they go out there destroying the neighborhood and creating safety issues for myself. It makes no sense," said Gallo.

Gallo said the city is spending millions to repair the roads, just to have them torn apart by these reckless events.

Late last year, Gallo put forward a proposal to crack down on those participating in sideshows. This included the drivers, those who advertise the events, those who block the roads, even the spectators. That idea was shot down by the city council.

"My city council felt very strongly they didn’t want to cite the spectators and I said, well that’s fine," said Gallo. He plans to reintroduce the plan with some tweaks. This time, Gallo’s focus will be on citing promoters of these events. "What we have is an agreement with the city attorney with the administration. And an agreement with the police department. We want to go after the promoter, to clearly identify the promoter."

Nate Miley, the president of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors said he has watched sideshow activity escalate in the past several years. He’s worried innocent people will get hurt or killed.

"I really feel it’s very unfortunate this type of lawless behavior continues to occur in this county and throughout this region. It’s despicable in fact," said Miley.

Miley said the lack of arrests erodes the public’s confidence in law enforcement. He wants those who participate to be held accountable with fines or jail time and to have vehicles towed.

"We need to have a statewide task force that’s looking at the sideshows, and that really brings about some consequences for organizing these events and for people participating in these events and people watching these events. Because they are actually watching illegal behavior."