New upscale restaurant opens in downtown San Jose as economic recovery continues

A new upscale restaurant is now open in downtown San Jose. Rollati Ristorante is located just across from City Hall and Visit San Jose, the city's tourism agency, believes it’s another sign of a rebound for business in San Jose.  

Rollati Ristorante is located just beneath the Miro Luxury Apartments on East Santa Clara Street. Offering a formal dining room, a private seating area, and a spacious bar area for happy hour, Visit San Jose says the restaurant is what downtown San Jose needed.  

"This is a great place for downtown San Jose to have its renaissance, to come back and really to be seen and see all that San Jose has to offer," said Frances Wong, Communications Director for Visit San Jose.

"I actually live in this apartment building, the Miro. We’re really excited to have this amenity here for the building, but we’re also excited to just have it for downtown San Jose," said Dolan, of San Jose.    

Rollati is managed by the bar and restaurant group Vine Hospitality, which has served the Bay Area for about 30 years.   

"This is what we do. The movement of rebounding; what is better than breaking bread with the people that you want to have around and the people that you work for and being a part of this hope that we can really move this activation forward," said Carolina Data, Vine Hospitality Director of Sales.   

If you want a little more privacy, you can reserve the Mafia Room, which can be closed off from the rest of the dining room. Local and imported Italian wines are curated to pair with the menu items while specialty drinks, pasta, pizza and appetizers are also freshly made. You can also see them prepared through this window.   

"All of our homemade pastas and our pizzas, this is the best place to actually be a part of what is happening right there," Data said.  

They also offer a loyalty program at Rollati and other Vine Hospitality restaurants. They have an app and food can be ordered online or delivered.