Not sure if it can fly? TSA says these Thanksgiving staples should be in your checked bag

To check or not to check? With Thanksgiving in just a few days, the Transportation Security Administration wants to make sure all travelers know what can and can't be brought through security before one ends up throwing away a once-a-year, family-secret-recipe dish.

TSA provided some "food for thought": if the food item is solid, it can go through the checkpoints. However, if it's not and larger than 3.4 ounces, it must be checked in a checked bag.

TSA says if it can be spilled, spread, sprayed, pumped, or poured, you should check it. 

TSA also advised packing all food in a designated bag to make security screening a smooth process. 

The agency listed a "What can I bring?" feature on their website. Food safety and proper packaging were also stressed to avoid food borne illnesses this holiday season.

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Generally speaking, baked goods, meats, stuffing, casseroles, fresh fruit and vegetables, spices, and candy are allowed through security, a detailed list of specific foods can be found here. A list of goods that should be checked such as alcohol, syrup, preserves such as jams and jellies, sauces-regardless if homemade or canned-should be checked, TSA officials said.