Oakland family says 19-year-old shot to death was 'good girl'

The family of a young woman who was shot and killed in her car this week said she had just celebrated her 19th birthday a few weeks ago.

Madisyn White Carroll was gunned down in East Oakland Tuesday night about 9 p.m., not far from home. Madisyn was found dead in her crashed Chevy Malibu, her first car.

It's not clear if she was shot before or after the crash. 

Oakland police are saying little about a possible suspect or motive. By some accounts, the teenager may have been shot by a stranger after a fender bender, but her grieving family isn't sure what really happened. On social media, there is suspicion that she accidentally hit another vehicle, and the driver flew into a rage and killed her. 

But her loved ones aren't sure about that possibility. 

"Some kind of incident with a car, we don't know if it was her or somebody else or how it started, we don't really know full details of the story," said Madisyn's aunt Denaya Mackey. "We do know it was a senseless murder and it should never have happened, never." 

Her father, Erick Carroll, said he knew something was wrong when Madisyn, always reliable, didn't pick up calls from him or her mother, Shauna White. 

"She wasn't answering, and that's unusual, whenever we call, she always picks up the phone," said Carroll. "She was a good girl, I never had no problems with her. And she was full of life, loved life and she loved her family."

They also want people to know that Madisyn was smart and hardworking, a very poised and caring person.

She was the family problem-solver who helped care for her four younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters.    

"I loved her so much, she was my best friend and I used to tell her everything," said Madisyn's sister, Eris. "My sister didn't deserve this at all, she was the nicest person. She was the most innocent person, she didn't deserve this."

Her family says Madisyn was artistic, loved clothes and makeup, and wanted to own her own store someday. 

Madisyn graduated high school in May and was attending Chabot College. 

She had a retail job selling cosmetics and sometimes delivered food for Doordash but the company says she was not on the platform the night she was killed. 

"She wasn't worried about anyone, wasn't in trouble, wasn't running the streets, didn't hurt anyone," said Mackey. 

A Go Fund Me page has been established to help the family, as they plan Madisyn's service.

"It's always the violence, we lose a lot of our kids out here, and I always worried about my son," said her father, "but I never thought it would happen to my daughter." 

The day after Madisyn's killing, Oakland investigators were back at the scene, canvassing for clues. But the police department is providing no details about what happened, or why. 

"I really just want justice at the end of the day," Carroll said, "whether it's by the law or the street, or somebody comes out and says something." 

Up to $10,000 in reward money is offered for information leading to the arrest of the killer. Anyone with information should call police at (510) 238-3821 or Crime Stoppers at (510) 777-8572.