One killed, one injured in shooting near Oakland City Hall

The city of Oakland's fourth homicide in 24 hours happened Tuesday afternoon along 14th Street next to Frank Ogawa Plaza and Oakland City Hall as councilmembers were holding a city meeting over Zoom on how to best battle crime in the city. 

"I heard the shots. I was there. I was coming across the street right there," said Anthony McGowan, who says he was heading to the bus stop where the shooting victim was found.

"I started hearing gunfire, gunshots, and I just ducked, You know, scary. I've never experienced anything like this," said Tanya Cole, an Oakland resident who was walking near the scene.

Cole says when police arrived they started doing CPR on one of the men.

Officers say one victim, an Oakland resident in his 20s, died there in the plaza.

"The second victim was transported to a local hospital where he's currently undergoing surgery," said Officer Kim Armstead, the Oakland Police Dept. Public Information Officer.

Police say that second injured victim is a Berkeley man in his 20s.

"We are now at 91 homicides for this year in the city of Oakland, compared to 100 lives lost the same time last year," said Armstead.

Police said they are reviewing surveillance video. One witness says he saw a car at the scene.

"I saw doing shooting in the car, they turned around one dude fell out of the car, the other dude ran and fell in the grass over here," said McGowan.

The shooting happened just yards from City Hall as the Oakland City Council meeting was underway. Most members were participating remotely, but some staff were inside and heard the gunshots.

"It was really unnerving to be in city hall and not know how far close the gunshots were and if someone was injured," said Pamela Ferran, the Chief of Staff for Council Member Loren Taylor.

The Oakland City Council had just been discussing with the police chief the need to increase resources for crime investigations.

"We need the police chief to assign a few more officers to investigations divisions. We realize they're understaffed," said Oakland City Council Member Dan Kalb.

"I know we have a large backlog in the city of Oakland in regards to our crime lab. I would call up the county to see if we can use their crime lab," said Sheng Thao, another Oakland City Council Member.

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"I just want the violence to end, to be honest," said Jason Faulk, an Oakland resident, "People congregate here. People gather here so there should be a little more police presence but what do you do when there's not enough police?"

Late in the afternoon, a dark Infiniti sedan was towed away from the scene, followed by an Oakland Police vehicle. Oakland police had no comment about it.

Police are asking anyone with cell phone or security camera footage that might have evidence to share it with investigators.